Awarded Most Effective Sales Promotion Trophy from Maruti Udyog Ltd.
All India Dealers Award First in Category 3 for Lifting of all Models.

Awarded for Highest Growth in Spares in the year 1999-2000
Awarded for Highest Growth in Sales in All Models in the year 1999-2000

Best Service Workshop Award for the year 2000-2001
Award for 2nd highest growth for spares counter sales for the year 2000-01

2001-02 Excellence in Marketing Award
Excellence in Spares Award.
Excellence in Service Award (Best Service Workshop)
Customer Satisfaction Award.

Highest MGP off-take Award
Most consistent Advertising Award
Best performance in Sales (ME, MY, GA)
Award Best performance in CSI Award Best Service Workshop Award
Best performance (ZEN, Wagonr and Alto).
Best Used Car Exchange Practices.
Best Workshop.

Best Performance in Balance Score Award (Platinum Dealer)
All India Star in Spares off-take
Best Performance in Pre-owned car sales
CSI award for good performance (last 3 Qtrs) –
Mayapuri CSI award for good performance (last 3 Qtrs) –
Moti Nagar Most consistent Advertising award
Best performance in Exchange (as percentage of new car sales).

Gold Plus Dealership Award in Balance Score Card by MUL
Esteem & M1000 Sales Category 'B' 2nd Runner up.
Award for Best Technical Feedback.
Timely Order Placement (Weekly Category).

Gold Plus dealership Award in Balance Score Card by MUL
Top CSI Dealer Workshop (JDP Cities)
Award for "Best Take Off in Spares Retail"
Award for "Best Timely order placement in Spare Parts"
Club 800 Award (for achieving above 800 Score in CSI Tracking).

Best Performance Award (Service Load Growth).
Swift Achieve the 150000 Milestone.
Service Quality Award (Q4-2006).

Spare Parts Award (Excellence in Spare Parts).
Marketing Award (Excellence in Marketing).
Sales Award (Excellence in Sales).
Spares Parts Award (May-2007).